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Hollywood Realtor Famous for her Tough Love and Agent Success

by | May 11, 2016

By Chris Umpierre/


Here’s a warning to real estate professionals getting ready to start employment at Donna Reid’s Hollywood office: Be prepared to work.

The Coldwell Banker branch manager Donna Reid is famous (or infamous, regarding your perspective) for pushing and grooming her agents. With an array of coaching and training skills, Reid is known for holding Realtors to their goals.

“I call it tough love,” Reid said with a smile. “I know. I know. I’m hard on them. But I don’t have time for whining. I want them to grow.”

A native of Trinidad who worked her way from Coldwell Banker office computer clerk to branch manager, Reid has trained hundreds of Realtors in her 24 years at Coldwell Banker. Reid — who was elected the 2016 Broward Residential President of the MIAMI Association of REALTORS® —gloats like a proud mother when she sees her baby Realtors morph into top-producing agents.

Reid, who learned about the importance of helping others from her pastor father and church-going mother, smiled when asked about coaching Realtors. She tells the story of a millennial who walked into her office with only a music background. Today, he is one of her firm’s top-producing agents. Then there’s the London native who started working for Reid with little knowledge about the South Florida market. Today, Amanda Thurn has sold more than 40 properties in the last three years.

“Donna Reid makes you motivated about real estate,” Thurn said. “She wants you to get out there. She wants you to produce. If she sees potential in a person, she’s there 100 percent. She looks after you. She’ll come by and make sure you keep learning. She doesn’t have time for laziness.”

From Office Clerk to Branch Manager

A hard work ethic has been the central theme of Reid’s career. After graduating from college in her native Trinidad, Reid started working for Coldwell Banker in Hollywood as a computer clerk. She worked twice a week typing out computer certificates for the office.

Her role quickly grew as Coldwell Banker noticed her devotion to detail. Reid obtained her real estate license in 2004 and continued her way up the office’s work chain. Now as branch manager, the branch has turned profit year after year.

“Real estate wasn’t a field I was interested in. I was all about getting a law degree,” Reid said. “But when I got into the office and they offered me a full-time job. I said, ‘Wait a minute, I really like working with agents and helping them.’ I sit with them. I coach them. I set up a business plan with them. I hold them accountable. You really become a mentor.”

Tough Love

Reid said the ones who appreciate her tough-love coaching will grow. Others won’t realize their potential. Reid has had to adapt her coaching with real estate’s technology advancements and with South Florida’s growing number of international home buyers.

“My favorite part of real estate is building careers,” Reid said. “Watching baby Realtors go from ground zero and not knowing much to being super productive, and the fact I had some hand in that. I love the coaching more than the selling.”

Reid went through an 11-month leadership development course to take her coaching to the next level. She spends a lot of time working with agents on creating a business plan and pricing properties. The new technology advances, such as e-signature, require Realtors to adapt.

“The way you train agents is different with how we used to train them,” Reid said. “South Florida has so many different cultures and countries looking to buy property. Educating the consumer about American real estate is a big part of it.”

Helping the Community

Just like she’s always willing to go the extra mile to help agents, Reid does the same for her community.

Reid has an extensive list of community involvement. She is a big supporter of her Broward church. She is also dedicated to such programs as Coldwell Banker Cares Foundation, Jail & Bail, American Cancer Society, Teen Challenge, Ronald McDonald House and the Broward Outreach Center. She is also a long-standing member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

“My father was a top police officer and in the later part of his life he was a pastor,” Reid said. “My mother spent her life helping the community. As kids, we had to be helping and giving back to the less privileged.”

Serving as Broward President

Reid wanted to serve as Broward president to help give back to the local real estate industry. She said she wished she had become a MIAMI leader earlier in her career.

She also wished she had become a major investor for the REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) earlier in her career. RPAC supports issues and candidates who understand and support private property and homeownership interests.

“In the process of becoming president, I saw how much the MIAMI Association of REALTORS helps its members,” Reid said. “How the association lobbies for agents and consumers in the state capitol. I wish I had gotten involved in the RPAC before. There are so many people volunteering to impact my real estate income. So now it’s my turn to give back.”

As Broward president, Reid wants to educate Broward members about all the services and classes MIAMI conducts for agents. MIAMI’s Broward membership now includes more than 10,000 members in 915 real estate offices

“It’s all about the members,” Reid said. “That’s the reality of why we’re involved. It’s not about me. As leaders, we are making a difference. We are a voice for the largest local Realtor association in the nation. Our voice is strong, but we also need to build future leaders. If I could become a MIAMI leader, it can happen to anyone.”


Name: Donna Reid

Board position: 2016 Broward President of the MIAMI Association of REALTORS

Employment: Branch manager at Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate (Hallandale/Hollywood)

Achievements: She has trained and mentored hundreds of Realtors in her 24 years at her Hollywood firm. Under her leadership, Reid’s branch is perennially one of the most successful in Broward County.

Family: Reid is married with two children

Did you know? Reid grew up in Trinidad and completed college there, earning a degree in economics and European history


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