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by | Mar 21, 2014

These articles are great for member newsletters and communications or for your social networks. Good content can be hard to find so we wanted to make sure you know what the hottest topics are each week!


How to Jump Start Your Listing Inventory


In a slump? Not motivated to list? Are you hearing that there are more buyers than listings available and don't know what to do about it? How about reigniting how you get more listings...that SELL FAST! Here are a few tips to get you fired up about getting more listings more easily.   




Top 10 Tips to Win the Listing at Your

Next Listing Presentation Appointment


A recent poll by ListHub revealed the importance of preparation. 55% of those surveyed said they spend 1-2 hours preparing for listing presentations, and 32% spent as many as six hours researching and preparing. One of the first steps is preparing the comprehensive listing presentation packet. Read more about how agents make their presentations successful.




How a Top Agent Goes to the Next Level

Justin Havre is hugely successful and ranks at the top of sales year after year in his markets. Yet the first thing he told me in this follow-up interview was that shortly after our first interview, he ripped his business apart and re-invented himself and his his team. Here's why.




Building Trust and Business with RPR® 
top5_20140314_lead-manager We spoke with Garnett Sailor to learn how he leverages RPR®. In addition to working as a real estate broker, Garnett also runs a note investing business. "Oftentimes, the notes I'm considering are for properties in areas I've never visited," he says. "when that's the case, RPR® is my first - and only - 'boots on the ground.'" LearnMoreButton

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