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Who Cares If Your Real Estate Website Gets Top Search Results?

by | Mar 07, 2014

leading-agent_who-cares-site-topWhenever I have a conversation with a real estate professional about designing a new website for them, the first thing I always ask is, "Why would you like a new website?"

Sometimes it's as simple as the website is so old it looks out of date and needs to be scrapped and redone. Other times it's something functional--like their website isn't set up on WordPress, and because of that they are beholden to a web designer, and can't just log in themselves and update the pages on their site with ease. These things are understandable and my firm can easily fix them.

There is one thing, though, that comes up time and time again that is much more complex. Many times, when asked why they want to get a new real estate website, I'm told, "My website doesn't show up on the top of Google, and I want to be on the top search results."

The reason this is so complex is because it's a broad, undefined goal, that could mean many things to many people. In fact, I would take it one further and suggest that getting top ranking on Google for your website, in many cases, DOES NOT MATTER.

Today, I am going to share with you why top ranking on Google most likely does not align with your business goals.


This is a very valid question to ask anybody. The answer we usually get is something to the effect of, "Because I want broad exposure." When asked what keywords they want to show up in top results for, the answer is generally something broad, like "Palo Alto Homes For Sale."

We've written about this in the past. The gist of the article states that, bottom line, the Trulias, Zillows and Realtor.coms of the world will ALWAYS beat you at the SEO game when it comes to very broad keywords.

The key is what is referred to as "long tail keywords." Specifically, long tail keywords that are specific to your niche in the marketplace.


This is another very valid question that probably makes more sense than anything. Everything you do should be geared towards the growth of your real estate practice. With that in mind, what would ending up at the top of the results with this search phrase do for your business?

The answer we most commonly get, again, is "It will broaden my reach."

I contest, though, that this should not matter to you. This does not matter because showing up in "everyone's" search results should never outweigh your desire to show up in "the right people's" search results.

What does this mean? Would you like a website that gets 1 million page views per month from people that don't fit your client profile? OR, would you rather have a website that may only get 500-1000 page views per month, BUT those page views are people interested in real estate, in the SPECIFIC marketplace you are working in?

The answer should be pretty simple. There is no reason to have a website that draws traffic you don't care about, or traffic that is not going to turn into leads. Websites are mean to convert visitors into leads. Then it is your job to take those leads and nurture them into clients.

Your website is the gatekeeper that is supposed to be feeding you ONLY "the right leads." Imagine how hectic your life becomes when your gatekeeper goes off the rails and starts feeding you every little thing from the web? In my opinion, this happens very often and is the reason you see so many real estate websites out of date. They simply get tired of the results they are getting back from the website and just abandon it to focus on other activities.

I know I purposely titled this article to grab your attention. At the end of the day, I'm not saying that search engine ranking does not matter. I am saying that drawing "the right" traffic to your website and showing up on the top of the search results for things your ideal clients would be typing into search engines should be the key element you are most worried about.

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