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The 5 Features of Recruiting Discussions (And How to Win at Them)

by | Apr 07, 2014

fiveRecruiting top agents is essential to your success as a broker. But you know this already. I'm not here to tell you how crucial your recruiting efforts are; I'm here to tell you how to make them better.

Most recruiting conversations focus on 5 basic tenets (often in this order):

1) Your brand and reputation. The verbal acknowledgement of this point is minimal because most agents have already cemented their opinion on this subject well before your recruiting discussion. You should talk about what makes you unique and, obviously, shine the best possible light on your reputation. But, like I said, your traction here is minimal.

2) The brokerage environment. Before an agent chooses a new brokerage, they're going to ask: "Will I enjoy going to this office?" and "Will I be productive there?" They'll also be considering the other agents and employees at the office, as well as the managers. All these factors (and more) work together to create the brokerage environment, and that environment will be a major factor in the agent's choice.

3) Productivity. How effective is your company? In most cases, you'll want to ignore the subject of volume. There can only be one #1 in terms of volume; if you aren't #1, you shouldn't discuss volume at all. Instead, you can focus on figures that demonstrate quality. What am I talking about? Things like time on market or list-to-sell ratios can be quite effective. In other words, you have something to brag about if you sell homes in less time for more money than your competitors.

4) Marketing. Agents will be interested in both your offline and online marketing efforts. So, you'll talk to them about offline collateral like signage, location, print investments, radio, TV, etc. But they'll be even more interested in your online marketing strategies. This is where they probably struggle the most on their own. That's where we can help.

Listings-to-Leads automates much of the online marketing work, so you can tell prospective agents something that is music to their ears: "If you come to work for me, I've automated much of the marketing nonsense so that you can focus on your clients." With Listings-to-Leads, your agents will receive all of the following for each of their listings without lifting a finger:

  • A single property website
  • A QR code linked to the single property website
  • A blog post
  • A YouTube video
  • A 6-piece email drip marketing campaign from Just Listed through Just Sold
  • A 6-piece Facebook post campaign from Just Listed to Just Sold
  • A Craigslist ad
  • An audio presentation
  • A virtual tour
  • A single property website
  • Open house tools

5) Closing Assistance. Anything that can smooth the closing process for your agents and their customers will be much appreciated. If you have in-house mortgage, title, or insurance services, your agents can leverage these existing partnerships to their benefit. Mentioning this during a recruiting discussion is a great idea.

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