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SavvyTips23 - Using SavvyCard to Sell

by | Mar 21, 2014
4 Ways to Sell More, Faster, with Property Cards – The Interactive Realty Flyer
What is a Property Card?
SavvyCard Property Cards are user-friendly mobile websites featuring individual properties. Property Cards are linked from the Realtor Card provided to you free as a member of the MIAMI Association of REALTORS®. Property Cards are included as part of your SavvyCard premium upgrade.
Property cards put the most important information homebuyers need – including maps, features, photos, and school ratings – into one smart, interactive package that they can view on their phones. All of your Property Cards are linked from your Realtor Card.
SavvyCard Property Card Image
Property Cards are Interactive Flyers
At their core, Property Cards are a smarter, interactive version of a flyer or brochure. SavvyCard's built-in sharing functions make it easy to pass one between smartphones – and nearly everyone has a smartphone.
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How to Get the Most Out of Property Cards
Like a flyer or brochure, Property Cards are a tool, not a magic bullet. They aren't going to get you results by themselves, any more than a brochure will fly off your desk into a millionaire property investor's mailbox. So here are some tips for getting them into the hands of customers.
Here's how you can use Property Cards to get results.
Take Word of Mouth Digital.
  Word of mouth and trusted referrals will always be the best way to sell. Property Cards make it easy for your friends and existing customers to share detailed information on your available properties any time, anywhere.
Keep Your Allies Equipped.
  To share your Property Cards, people have to have them. To make the strongest impression, share your newest Property Cards to friends personally, then teach them how to save them and share them.
Spread the Word Online.
  In the old days, you'd put a sales flyer in a little plastic tube on top of a "For Sale" sign. That will still reach some buyers – but the internet has the potential to reach many, many more. Because Property Cards are webpages, you can link to them through social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, through direct links posted to your website, or in links from email newsletters.
Enrich Face to Face Connections.
  At an open house for a specific property, being able to share a mobile website featuring the home is a huge upgrade from standard paper flyers. Help interested shoppers save the SavvyCard to their mobile phones, and they'll have the details of the property to look over later.
More about Property Cards
Property Cards are part of SavvyCard's big goal of making it easy for every person, place, event, or thing to have a mobile-friendly website representing its important information. SavvyCards have many uses – but their applications to selling are huge.
Your Property Cards – available for any property, whether or not you're the listing agent – are linked from your own SavvyCard, and link back to it.
The best part is that instead of listing a phone number, your Property Cards will have a single button that will dial your number – anyone with a Property Card you've made is literally one touch away from calling you.
Property Cards are a completely new tool, built for the mobile web. We're always on the lookout for creative new uses for this new idea.
To share your stories, or to get support, please contact us, or call 727-502-6012.
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