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3 Steps for Lead Generation with Twitter and SavvyCard

by | Mar 08, 2014
3 Steps for Lead Generation with Twitter and SavvyCard
Get Their Attention With Social Media – Then Let SavvyCard Get You The Call.
As a realtor, you might think social media is a waste of time – that there are just too many steps between someone following you on Twitter or Facebook, and them buying a house from you.
But you'd be wrong.
Mega-selling realtors like Ben Kinney use social media for huge lead generation.
So, social media is powerful. And SavvyCard can make it even more powerful.
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How to Generate Leads and Sales From Twitter
Today, we'll focus on Twitter. Twitter has huge traffic – and most Twitter users are on mobile. That means they already have phones in their hands. What more can you ask for?
Generating leads from Twitter is a three-step process.
Step 1: Get Engagement
Twitter and other social media are the 'big end' of the sales funnel – a prospect paying attention to your tweets just took the first step along the path to buying from you. Here's a pretty solid introduction to Social Media for Realtors. It recommends getting attention from potential customers by featuring listings and lifestyle information relevant to your area and demographics.
Step 2: Connect to your SavvyCard
Once people are interested in you, they'll want to find out more by looking at your Twitter profile. As you can see, I link to my SavvyCard from my Twitter profile, so it's two clicks away for anyone who sees one of my tweets.
David's Twitter Account image with Savvycard link
Then, since most Twitter users are on mobile, they're instantly taken to a call to action that ends with my phone ringing. (Or at worst, an email in my inbox).
(And in case you're still skeptical about Twitter, I've gotten thousands of dollars' worth of high-prestige freelance writing work through Twitter, just in the last few months).
Step 3: Close
Once someone reaches out to you, you have to get them to meet with you and start the house hunting process. Sorry, but SavvyCard can't help you here.
But SavvyCard makes it easier than any other tool for mobile prospects to contact you directly. If you're serious about social media (and you should be), SavvyCard should be front and center of your strategy.
David Z. Morris
(Follow SavvyCard on Twitter, at @SavvyCard! Also follow our CEO, David Etheredge, @david_etheredge.)
P.S., Here's How to Link Your Social Media From Your SavvyCard.
Here's how to make it easier for people with your card to find you on social media.
1. Log in to the Dashboard, then click on Edit This Card.
2. Click on the Buttons tab.
3. Look for the Social dropdown at the bottom right.
How to Link Your Social Media From Your SavvyCard.
4. Add your Social Networks as shown, then be sure to select "Yes, show this button on my card."
Now, this is what people will see when they click on your Social button:
Social Buttons Image
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