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Thank you for Having my Company as a Vendor at Rock the Market

by | Jan 30, 2017
Thank you for having my company as a vendor at the Rock the market event at the Hard Rock several weeks ago. The event was a success from my end as hundreds of Realtors were there and also came to stop by my Booth. Saw many new faces and some I have taught in my classes and some I have not seen for a while. What this means to me is incredibly inexpensive name recognition to have my face and company name at an event like this. I have done several of them before and it has always been a tremendous value for my Insurance agency. Marketing takes time and diligence and I have been doing this with MIAMI REALTORS® for many years and looking forward to continuing the relationship. 2-3 events like this each year is not only a great Venue for marketing, but also value as the prices are reasonable for the vendors to be able to keep doing this .


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