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I am honored to be part of the JTHS Council of the MIAMI Association of Realtors®

by | Dec 01, 2016

Having been a member of JTHS since 1982, I have seen many changes take place. Some with ease and others well not so easy. The one thing that I have always been proud of however is the face that our leadership continuously looks to the future of its members. In 2015, after months of negotiations, townhall meetings, and a little marketing the leadershipship along with its members chose to merge with the largest association in the United States, the MIAMI Association of Realtors®.  Once again the foresight of our leadership was unquestionable. Combining the strength, services, and leadership has provided programs and possibilities we could of only previously imagined. These are exciting times and I am thrilled with all the expansion from the global network, RPAC, Networking, education, technology just to name a few. I am honored to be part of the JTHS Council of the Miami Association of Realtors®.

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  1. 1 johnalbert 09 Apr
    The JTHS Council of the Miami association of Realtors might be professional by using September while all merger files get paid to do homework were completed, filed and sent to the countrywide association of Realtors. The JTHS Board of directors led through President Nancy Lubeck, will become the JTHS Board of Governors and will maintain to lead and direct the services, issues and desires of their participants. The JTHS headquarters will remain in its present place in Jupiter, Florida, beneath the steerage of their modern affiliation



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