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Twitter Makes Big Changes To Profile Layout

by | Apr 25, 2014

If you look too quickly, you might mistake your Twitter account with your Facebook page. This past week, Twitter rolled out major changes to their website layout, completely revamping the profile layout.


Here are a few of the new features:

  • A larger profile photo – You can now post a profile photo (Twitter recommends using 400 x 400 pixels) that people can actually see! Before, photos were so small, it was hard to tell if you had found the right person.
  • Customized header – The header feature has been in effect for a while, but Twitter has now expanded the width of the header (Twitter recommends using 1500 x 500 pixels) to now cover most of the page layout. This feature is very similar to Facebook's cover photo.
  • Highlight your important tweets – Like Facebook, you can now "pin" things to the top of your profile page. So, if you have an important tweet or photo you want your followers or clientele to see when they visit your page, you can now highlight it at the top of your content. Even if you post more tweets after, the "pinned" post will still appear above all your other content.
  • New "about me" section placement – You can now find your "about me" section, website address, videos and photos on the left side of your profile.

I also noticed, while researching the new layout, that there's a new notification process similar to Facebook's notification alert. When you receive a new tweet, a little blue box pops up on the bottom right side of the screen that tells you that there is a new tweet, retweet or favorite.

Although these are a lot of changes all at once, this new layout can help benefit your business and make it easier for potential buyers and sellers to navigate your page and to easily locate you on Twitter. With all your information laid out on the right, and clearly visible, people will be able to contact you or see photos or videos of listings you might have up on your profile.

For now, Twitter gives you the option of "trying out" the new profile layout and if you don't like it, you can switch back to the old layout. However, I predict that over the next month or so, whether they want it or not, users will inevitably have these changes forced upon them.

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