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Going Green: 3 Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

by | Apr 18, 2014

GoingGreen_homes.comEarth Day is fast approaching and many people are ready to take the initiative to go green. In fact, cities like Portland, Oregon and Chicago, Illinois have already joined the green movement by becoming more eco-friendly. Going green has become a very popular topic in the real estate industry and it would be a great idea to have some tactics under your belt on how to market to clients who desire to live a greener life.

Here's some ideas that may be useful to you:

1. Consider joining the green movement.As a real estate agent, you might want to bring yourself up to speed with what green living entails because some of your clients will be looking for eco-friendly homes. You should even think about taking courses to help you become a green real estate specialist. Doing so will help you learn about the specifics concerning green buildings and what the market is like for them.

2. Figure out what your client want. A key factor in assisting your client with their real estate needs is asking, "What are you looking for?" If possible, provide them with a list of possible amenities that an eco-friendly home may have. According to the recent Homes.com Smart Home Technology survey, 48% of real estate agents say that homebuyers are looking for homes that have an automated home security system installed. According to Networx.com, homebuyers are also looking for green amenities such as energy efficient windows, sustainable flooring, and Energy Star® appliances including refrigerators, freezers, and dehumidifiers.

3. Do your research. In order to fully service your client, it is imperative that you do your research. Provide your client with information that will be valuable to them in the long run. What are the latest amenities that are being installed into eco-friendly homes? Does including green features in a home add to its overall value? Homes.com's Smart Home Technology survey revealed that 68% of real estate agents feel as though adding green features can add value to a home.

Despite the prevalence of green living in today's society, not every client is keen on finding an eco-friendly place to call home. As a real estate professional, it is crucial for you to be able to effectively answer any questions that your clients may have and provide them with the necessary tools they need to choose the right home for them and their families.

For more eco-friendly tips, check out our Green Living section on our consumer blog and our customizable eBook, Spring Into the Dream that contains some great tips for "greening your home" to share with buyers and sellers.

To view the original article, visit the Homes.com blog.

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