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Last Chance . . . Your Sale Doesn't Count Unless Posted by Today

by | Apr 10, 2014

Important:  Generate Positive South Florida News Coverage

Your Sales Don't Count Unless Posted by April 10
Help Us Report Accurate Market Statistics to the Media & the Public

We need your help to report accurate, positive information about the South Florida real estate market.

It is imperative that MIAMI Members change the status on pending and closed sales  (for the previous month) to guarantee that all closed and pending sales are counted.

If you haven't already, please do so by April 10.

Don't Hurt Your Own Business
When agents don't report closed or pending sales in a timely fashion, market reports are inaccurate. This can result in negative media reports - and can hurt your business!

Underreporting can result in hundreds of closed sales never being considered by the media and by buyers and sellers in any given month. Underreporting of closed and pending sales also impacts other market statistics, including median and average sales prices, inventory levels, and absorption rates.

Need Help Reporting a Sale?
Contact Ivette Sostre, MLS Director | ivette@miamire.com

Together we can make every sale count - 
Change the status of Your Closed and Pending Sales by the 10th!

IMPORTANT - The International Field (Buyer's Country of Origin) in the MLS helps boost your business.  It is imperative that you input the buyer's country of origin into this mandatory field to obtain valid statistical data on international and U.S. transactions. FULL STORY

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