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Increase Your Brand Visibility with Digital Signs

by | Apr 10, 2014

Screen_shot_2014-04-09_at_2.33.25_PMGone are the days of fridge magnets and calendars to boost your brand visibility and connect your real estate business with potential clients. Technology has made people increasingly hungry for more information. Interactive Dynamic Digital signage allows you to broadcast your business to educate, promote and boost the visibility of your brand and give people the information they need with ease. A digital signage network is composed of software, hardware, content and telecommunication links to the internet.

Here are some things to think about when deciding to market your business on Interactive Dynamic Digital signage:

Analysis of needs and planning

Key phases to ensure the success of a digital signage project is to determine the objectives, the timeline and the project team. We start off with an analysis of your needs and that's where we quickly set the objectives and goals of the project. Then comes the planning. This phase is to confirm budget, make the inventory of the equipment, software and labor requirements. Once established, the planning can be done with the timeline and the person that has been nominated to lead the project.


One of the most important decisions in this project is to choose your digital signage software partner. You must ensure that the software meets your needs in terms of content creation, planning and distribution of information as well as remote monitoring of the network. Do you want to rent the software or purchase licenses that include support to ensure a turnkey project?


Content production is directly related to the client's communication objectives and business plan. We support and advise on strategic choices. Will you need multiple zone templates? Will you need to post real-time content such as HTML or RSS feed? Which resolution? With what type of equipment?


The type of content has a direct impact on the type of equipment required. Do you plan to use touch screens or video walls? Which resolution? Are you using a multiple zone template? These characteristics have an impact on the selection of media players and determine its specifications among others. The reasons for buying a commercial monitor vs. TV consumer type are multiple--robust enclosures, the multiple video inputs, and heavy-duty components which result in a longer lifespan. Some manufacturers, such as LG, also offer a 5-year guarantee on site on commercial monitors.


This important phase includes the configuration of the equipment, downloading the present and future content as well as the implementation of the pilot and the final deployment of the project. Some partners, such asWOLFvision, remain even afterwards at your disposal in case of need (technical problems, or if you just want to modify your installation).

Success of your project

Most projects fail due to lack of analysis and poor planning. It is also very important to provide an adequate budget for the production of the content that follows the initial implantation.

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