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What's New With ListHub Global?

by | Apr 08, 2014

global_manReal estate technology evolves at a brisk pace. Just today, we were updating our ListHub Global product review from last fall and realized that so much had changed with the listing syndication platform that it warranted a new article.

What is ListHub Global?

First, a refresher. ListHub Global allows brokers to syndicate their listings internationally while preserving the integrity of their data. This is crucial with overseas syndication, as an overwhelming number--75 percent--of global listings are inaccurate.

ListHub Global solves this problem by pairing with international property search networks that comply with their publishing terms. This is accomplished by offering a framed-in search experience that's similar to the real estate classifieds powered by HomeFinder.com on various newspaper websites. Framing in the search results provides a seamless search experience for users while keeping the listing data safe on their partners' servers. That data is never released into the "wild" and maintains all the same protections afforded to domestic ListHub data.

While ListHub's solution to the data problem is sophisticated, its user experience couldn't be simpler. Once activated, ListHub Global simply acts like another publisher channel. Brokers can access it through the same ListHub interface and the channel's traffic metrics are even available via their regular ListHub r eports.

So, What's New?

What's changed since our review was published in September is ListHub Global's reach. Last fall, ListHub had only one partner, EdenHome, that distributed listings to 19 countries. In February, EdenHome brought aboardSouFun Holdings Limited, a leading real estate portal in China, expanding ListHub Global's reach to the most populous nation in the world.

That reach grew again in March when ListHub announced an agreement with ListGlobally, the world's largest network of real estate portals. The partnership expanded ListHub Global's distribution scope to 49 additional portals in 30 countries.

As of press time, ListHub Global's distribution has doubled since our original review, from 19 countries to over 40. We expect that number to grow, and so does ListHub. The company requested that we remove a map from our September review that highlighted all the countries ListHub Global reached. "We are no longer supporting this image," they told us. "It requires too frequent updates because the network keeps growing." That's great news for brokers looking for an effective channel for international marketing. (For the most up-to-date country list, click here.)

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